Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bench update at last

Quick shot of a 1/16 figure I'm converting to a futuristic fighter pilot. Still in the early stages but something i can pick up whilst things dry and such.
Big antenna

Some paneling and my first attempt at casting, the yellow stuff was a casting from the bottom of a plastic package that the Sunday dinner chicken came in. I thought it would look good as a sensor bank or sum such thing.

Above and below the greebly trench is nearly finished and so is the cockpit hole so next is a cote of grey and then more filling and sanding of the lower hull. I'm hoping that it will all come together with a nice cote of grey primer (fingers crossed)

With yet more weekend work approaching and a new work site that will see me leaving the house at silly o clock in the morning and late back not much will happen till after i return from our week away in Kent. Then it's crack on and get her finished up before the deadline :)

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