Friday, 31 July 2009

Been Surfing for Armour

It seems that the next Group build on SFM:UK will be alternative armour ie 2 and 4 legged walkers and hover tanks and well anything that's not your bog standerd tracked armoured vehicle. So with this in mind i've been looking at the Junk Tank Rock site and from there found a few more links to Ma.k Blogs and sites. All this is in japanese and not wanting to kill my PC i've not been translating them so it's a bit like playing russian roulett when you hit a link. The JTR forum seems to be having a discussions about ladys handbags :0 and wrist watches uh.

Heres a couple of links to be going on with so ya know what the devil i'm on about lol

I'm going to dig out some links for Dust models also as they are a great source of inspiration for the group build also.

I've got a couple of ideas for my builds taking some design cues from Junk Tank Rock and to a lesser exstent Dust.

Dooodles may be getting posted next possible of ideas for this or maybe random stuff unrelated to this ;)


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