Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Not been idel attempt 2

After last posts poor attempt at convaying to you good people my attempts at painting the wee mini men i have endevard to take better pics that you can embiggen but the lack of any decent sunlight when i get home means the pics are a bit dark so i'll just post a few and redo the session at the weekend if shmbo and other job and putting a tv ariel up for my mates boat dont get in the way.

 Inq acolyte with his masters reference books, thought this would have been moreof a slogto paint but turned  out a very enjoyable paint.

 Vostroyan sniper again a very detailed mini and something id have avoided in the past but my warband needs some remote firepower to cover the front men and he's such a lovely mini.

 A lovely classic Guardsman to try out my camo pattern again and he's a nice companion for the officer i did at the start of the year, an aide to watch his back/ make coffey:)

Of all the convertions i did this one's pics turned out the best so i've included them also. Oodles of green stuff and very thin plasticard and random bits from the bits box went intothis guy and he's based on art work from the Inq rulebook. Going to paint him next me thinks :)


  1. Awesome stuff! I really dig how that last guardsman is coming together, that's a sterling conversion, man!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Aha! Much better! Good stuff mate!

    I'm also very much liking that last conversion. Looks really nice and packed with detail.

    The Vostroyan sniper is one of my fav current range Guard figs. NEver seen him done in a shcme like yours and it makes him far different and cold, like an assassin.

  3. Thanks M7 And Dai, The last mini is for my Inq28 warband but will be interchangable with the waifs and strays also.
    The sniper is also interchangeble betwixt the two so he needed to look like he could fit with an inq's followers with a less militery look but keep it sinister as the inquisitor employs a shoot first policy.