Monday, 30 April 2012

The i seem to have lost the plot post

Below or maybe above im not sure how this will post (on phone ) are pics of my latest endeavor.
Very wip at the moment but it seems I've lost the plan i had for this guy. First idea was for an accolite maybe old savant, but the head changed then the hammer turned up and im now not sure what he is. Think some more gs and doodads may see him become an inquisitor.
What do you guys think. Keep going for an inquisitor or not right and try for something else?
Also converted him a stylish laz gun that now interfears with the hammer.

 sorry about the pics i'll know not to do portrait next time i mobile blog. I'm keen to get him finished and then have a good look at were i'm at with the warband(s) i've randomly produced in a slow frenzy of ohh that's a good idea or oh shiney i'll chop you up and add youto the mix lol anyway more pics soon-ish.



  1. Like the hammer, but the axe head on the reverse end looks unwieldy to me.

  2. My first thought looking at the pics was an ex-guardsman who has become an Ecclesiarchy priest. Couple examples of that in the various IG fiction over the years, makes for an interesting henchman archetype...

    In any case, it's definitely a cool model so far!

  3. Ohh an Eyatani priest of Saint Sabbat could be a goer! there pretty militant chaps and ex guardsman + follower of Saint Sabbat = kick ass fanatic priest with lots of P**s and vineger in his veins lol.
    And yes the blade at the end has gotta go.
    I may make it a power hammer with a small power pack on his back. Thanks for the ideas chaps much appreciated.