Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Labs first comp

 To celebrate the fact that my Hammerstine Build got onto not one but two weekly lists of well stuff other bloggers found to there liking i'm having a little comp. My thanks to Ricalopia for including Hammerstine on his Sat7 and also Santa Cruz Warhammer's Honor roll. Check the big banner on the right if you havn't already. I do like to check out these round ups of the week as they are a great souce of blogs that are so easely missid in other peoples blog rolls without these shout outs.
 So on to the comp, see this guy on the left yep the big dude with the even bigger weapon. He's going to be joining my Inquisitors warband when he's finished but he needs a back story. Something to give him character and history and above all motivation. Whys he with the =I= and how'd he get involved, Whats that mega weapon all about (plasma, thermal, industrial las cutter?) Is he ex millitery or a gifted amature with skills the =I= needed at the time and has stuck around. You decide by writing a short background piece about him.
Name, where's he from why he's with an =I= warband if you have an inquisitor rule book then feel free to include some stats. No more than say 300 to 500 words please ok afew more if the muse takes you lol.
Email them to me at lunohoco33(at) you get the idea :) Onto the prize and as this is a writing comp of sorts it's a book, not the book in the background i'm afraid but i'd recommend that book highly. You never know when driving a tank could be useful :)

No it's The First Heretic by ADB, i went out today and perchased a second copy as i dont think you 'd wont my grubby copy and i'm only a couple o chapters in but loving it so far. I'll send it anywhere so no restrictions to UK only. If you already have this then enter anyway and if you win pass it onto someone that's never read a 40K novel or HH novel or ADB novel for that matter lol.

Just a side note that the model is from Studio McVey and it's not finished yet. Apart from the back story i need to do something to get that 40k =I= feel going with him. Added the hose on his legs and at his right sholder but thats all so far! soooooooo any suggestions on what conversions could improve him are very much welcome (sorry no prize for that lol)
So get thinking and send me your entrys, I'll run it for 2 weeks and the best one will get posted here in 3 or 4 weeks as the winner. Unless i get a shed load of entrys and i can't decide then may go to public vote. Hay it's my first comp so it's going to be a play it by ear sort of affair. Only cert is someone will get a copy of The First Heretic to read/ prop up coffey table/ replace for a bible in there local church. That's it for now i'll blog again tommorow as i've been very organised and got mondays after work jobs done today yay. 


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