Monday, 10 October 2011

Inq28 Character profile 1

Introducing former Arbetus investigator Sasha Diessen.
After 8 years service with Inquisitor DeKalb in and around the Stalichian sector and it's client subsectors and worlds. Diessens has proven a valuble member of DeKalbs team. Sasha first came to inquisitorial notice when stationd on Addassia a hive world in the Stalichian system, she began to exibit precognative powers in her work. When she became aware that she had begun to manifest a warptaint she immidiatly handed herself into the nearerst astropathic temple to await the next black ships with the other pore unfortunates. Being an officer of good standing within the Arbitus her situation was reported to Lord Inquisitor Stuyvesant of the Stilichian Ordo Xenos by her commander and Stuyvesant directed Inquisitor DeKalb to take charge of her case and decide if she would be of use to his group or if she was destined to join the legions of other psychics on the black ships.

 Fortunatly for Diessens DeKalb spotted the worth of her Arbitus training immidiatly and by saving her from the holding cells a certain commitment to his team would be infered. DeKalb has since been developing Sasha's precog skills and since training at the subsectors main Ordos HQ she has displayed a talent for telekenisis too.
 She uses a custom Funk and Wesseley heavy pistol thats a favored  hand weapon of Stalichian officers. This coupled with her TK and precog skills means she handels herself well in any combat situations the Inquisitor and his team come across. With her Arbitus background Sasha is often involved in investigating leads provided by DeKalbs wider network of informants and spearheading the teams initial investigations on making planet fall.
Since joining DeKalb Diessen has tried to look less like an Arbitus in civvies and more like an ordinery citizen of the Empirium to help her in her investigations. Letting her hair grow long and ditching her uniform for what ever the current style is, has allowed Diessen to develope as a top investigator and DeKalb consideres her a good prospect for more intensive inquisitor trainning in the future.

Diessen is totally loyal to DeKalb and the Imperium, being a pyschic herself she has an intrest in persuing those that are at risk of warp possesion or are using there powers to disrupt, manipulate or distroy the Imperium. Dekalb considers Sasha his defacto second and she has led many missions and raids on Xenos nests and rogue psychic cells operating in the subsector, she is totally ruthless in her persuit of these threats and instills this hard line in the other members of the team. Another side affect of her Arbitus days.

I'll try to get DeKalb done before the weeks end and his profile/fluff. Sasha's profile may get updated as i refine other characters in the team ad it affects her own profile, this was on the fly done from some random notes and a couple of short sentances in my INQ note book.
So what do you think good! bad! indiff!
PS dont forget to check out the comp in the prev post from Sunday.

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