Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vacform Fighter build 1

 Introducing the Arrowhead Fighter a vacform model made by Bar and inspiered by Mark Stevens Hexen Fighter for the Ma.k Universe.  I was a lucky bast**d and was sent the last form Bar had plus a Clear copy for cutting a conopy from. Pics of that some other time.
I've cut her out and put her together and started filling and sanding the joins, lots of sanding and refilling to do before she's ready for the next stage but going ok so far.

 She will be a high alt Sat killer so may be adding some booster rokets and radar detector bulges also antenna at the front as she will also have a secondry roll as a night fighter.
 Going to have an armoured hatch and small vision slits instead of a canopy as she will be flying high and going after Lazer packing milli sats in the upper atmos. she's also going to have contra rotating props to push her along and a big roket for launching against satalites and gattling to attack high alt anti grav gun platforms ( thats a gobfull)

Scale is 1/20 as all good Ma.k should be lol.
 Engine greeblys are starting to come together and i'm hopeing they will look cool on her.
The resin nose cone with greeblys peeping out.
Got to cut the cone in half for the contra rotating blades, not looking forward to that :(

More pics soon and i will also starting on my post apoc entry soon and as predicted i'm diching my other ideas for something compleatly different.
Once these are out of the way we have a super secret group build starting thats so secret i cant tell u anything about it what so ever cept it's a 1/20 drop ship and is awsome. Unless you've looked around sfm;uk lately then u know xactly what i'm on about lol.


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  1. WOW, i would really really like to see your progress on this beauty! Please update your build so we can enjoy :) best wishes from germany!