Monday, 17 October 2011

Inquisitor warband update

 Here's the model i converted for one of my Inquisitors. Still some work to be done on him paint wise and may scratch up a slender chain sword to replace his Katana sword. He was originally a Triad Boss i got at the MK wargames show from Second City. I've snagged a pic bit dont seem to be able to add it on to this post so ill try to edit it in later.

The upper half is triad boss and the lower half if you havn't guessed is SM scout. I sculpted in his coat and tiedied up the hack job i had to do on him.

My thinking behind him is that he's a young-ish Inquisitor still finding his feet and only has a small retinue that follow him. The red velvet jacket is woven with ballistic material and also covers his body armour. The boots and combats are IG surplus as he sees himself as a lead from the front kind of guy and isn't afraid of getting into action when leading his team. He still has teh outlook of an interigator and has not yet found the balance to know when to stand back and let his team work a case initially and when to lead his team directly.

 Also love the rebreather mask on him, may add a small rebreather pack to his back to finish off his look.

All C+C welcome.

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Managed to add the original pic of the triad boss i used to make the inquisitor. Major bit of frankensurgery (tm) to remove his lower half and resculpt the jacket but well worth it in the end. I did have second thoughts when i was sculpting the jacket it looked ProperShite but after a grey primer was added he looked ok.

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