Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here's my attempt at Hammerstine the leader of the ABC Warriors of 2000ad fame. Its an old kit that a modelling buddy gave me to play with last year and i've been chopping it about and adding details to better refelct the 2000ad art work. It's not based on one particuler artists interpritation of Hammerstine tho i have leaned towards the Biz's art the most i must admit :)

Also if i try to keep in scale with Hammerstine my Mongol scratch will be about twice the size of Hammerstine, Luckely the Joe Pinapples i bashed up a couple of years ago is about the right size in comparison. Just wish there were not 7 of them :( thats a lot of Gundam/votom kits to perform frankensurgery on lol.

Paint on this after the Viper is done and dusted later this month fingers crossed.

Ps sorry about the kak spelling i've a nasty cold thats clogging my brain up at the mo.


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