Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yep some honest to goodness progress on real life models instead of just thinking about it and planning what i'd do if the time monster didn't eat up all my free time.

You may remember this guy from last year as a tracker/hunter type bloke for my long range recon force.

Gone a bit mad on the paint job but i'm very rusty, it seems ages since i painted a mini but happy with the overall look. if i did him again id do a lot differently but thats hindsight for ya.

Some other projects to come in the next few days unrelated to 40k but after these are done i'm planning to consentrate on 40k/inquisitor for a while before launching into another kitbash whitch will be 40k related and something i've been planning for some years now.
Hope ya like him.


  1. good to see the modelling again!

  2. Thanks it's more a being arsed to keep up with th eblog thing than modelling and the model itself is a bit bobbins but i like it and thats what counts.