Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inq28 Gunslinger, Templer psykologis, and Interrigator

 Second try seemsto work fine. Gunslingers head got a bit squoshed as i left him on the dinning room table when i packed away at midnight so he ended up on the floor :{ He'sa mix of WH and 40K bits plus some liberal amounts of green stuff and Andrea sculpt.
 Templer Psykologis. Going for an enhanced look for him. Obviousley guard vet of a psykologis unit with hallucinogenic grenades and panic inducer (the thing on his back, still stuff to do there)
 Again a mix of bits from WH and 40K sources plussome blu stuff press molds putto gooduse on duplicating some grenades.

 Interrigator wip, because the arms were so different i snipped them short and pinned them so i could rebuild the arms on him.

His right arm is pants and such a funny angle so re snipping that and may have it bent upwards. Also needs to be a smidge longer. I've also missed the pic of his back, thats the best bit lol.

C+C most welcome gents and gentesses.


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