Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Here's my attempt at an inquisitor, using a mordhiem head and space marine body as the bases for it. I've tried to sculpt his legs as i wanted a non recognisable set of legs for him. Im trying to get a millitant warrior inquisitor that has seen a lot of action in his career with armour and kit he would have picked up along the way in his career.

Then there's the mesh armour, again something to make him not look like an SM or IG guy. Hopefully they will look ok when painted up.

Still need to put soles on the bottom of his boots, again non millitery looking (i hope).

The scroll thingy and knife are from the SM tac box, i've tried to make the knife look like it's sheathed and made a D ring to tart it up a bit.
Tommorow i'll get shots of his flamer and bolter plus try to get his sholder mesh armour attached, just waiting for the GS to cure, C+C always welcome ;)


  1. I am liking the cincept of this guy, and the mesh work is great. I was just wondering whether the legs are possibly a bit... thin but could just be me, otherwise fantastic.


  2. I concurr, both on the wicked job thus far, and also on the leg wieght, it's a little "top heavy" overall at the moment.

    now if you want that, that's cool - it does have a certain "Brian Blessed" charm to it. :)

    I did a few PA conversions myself using the hairy head sprues, I also had a go with some chaos warrior legs that were quite successful, feel free to hop over and take a look. i wont post links, I'm not that shamelessly self-promoting :)

  3. Thanks for the feed back guys, I've added some baggyness to his legs, your right looking at these pics they did look thin. Also started on the back banner and his hardwear. Glad you like the mesh that was a pain but hopefully worth it. His rosette is causing me headaces now :P

  4. O just remembered Karitas i did have a looky at your blog and remember looking at your inquisitor pics a week or so ago, stunning work, your IST's are great.