Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sargeant Stregg and millinery tests

First up is sargeant Stregg of the Stalichian recon force. Pics are a bit poor i'm afraid sorry for that, seems the sun hasn't been told that summer time has started.
He still needs tidying up and basing plus i've gone an forgot to drill out his laspistol Doh.

The playing cards are from a u boat kit and the skull from the Cadian transfer kit overlayed, just thought a bit of art work on such an immence power fist would look cool.

On to the millinery tests, this was a try at a sargeants hat, something a bit more floppy and worn than an officers head gear.

With it being an NCO's head with a microbead set i added a strappy sort of thing, think it looks ok.

And an imp eagle that didn't work but next try will be better.

And then there's Bruce in his jungel hat lol, he may end up packing a heavy bolter.

If i do another one i'll try putting something in the hat band like a pack of lho sticks.

I wasn't intending to do these but looking around at other bloggist's posts the other night i was inspired to have a go at these, the plan was to tidy my desk but this was a lot more fun. C+C welcome.


  1. Loving the sculpting mate, the jungle hat is just outstanding.

  2. Thanks, quite happy for a first go and that green stuff must be at least 6 years old!

  3. And another thing, it's all your fault posting all those great links. My desk still looks like ground zero btw ;)

  4. I'm loving the sculpts Blitz, I can just imagine Bruce being in the pub telling everyone how his hat can be eaten by and elephant and still survive the exit. Awesome.

  5. Whatever head you used for Bruce, it's perfect for that hat. Well done!

  6. It's the Catachan head from the Sentinal kit, saved me sculpting shades on him lol. And thanks again.