Thursday, 10 June 2010

Poacher WIP 3

Well here he is loaded up with enough kit to take down the biggest carnadons in the universe.
Added a carnadon tooth as a trophy from one of his hunts.

Made the effort to hang his scabbard on his left hip and i think it works pretty well.

Built a hu-mungus pump action shotgun/grenade launcher for bringing down megadons.

I figure the sword is a handy tool for finishing of a beast and as a back up in tight situations.

Next step is the painting and i'm torn between keeping it plain and simple or doing a special camo to further indicate his veteran status in a company of vets.
C+C always welcome.


  1. The Poacher is a really cool looking model. I like the Big Shotgun/nade launcher.

  2. Thanks Deadmeat, that shotgun was a pain the the bum to make but well worth it i think.