Friday, 19 March 2010

Meet the Marshal

Here's my next project on the bench Marshal Law, for the SFM Hero's and Villans Group build that's just started. I was torn between doing a hero or a villan so decided to do Marshal Law as he's a bit of both and also known as the hero hunter lol. It's not a scratch your own GB but there aint any ML kits out there so having to Sculpt my own. above is the wire armature and covered in tinfoil, then the sculpy 2 as a first base layer to build on to with Super sculpy . I'm looking forward to doing the barbed wire on his arm as i've got a kick ass method for making convincing scale barbed wire. A note about the scale it's sort of 1/20 or a bit bigger so were calling it blitzscale for now lol. Looking after a grumpy 3 year old tonight so no progress till tommorow.

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