Thursday, 25 October 2012

Been of grid for a while

Sorry i've been of the gridfora while but got deep into my part of the star wars hanger build at SFM forum and then finally perchased Salvations Reach (OMFG) so the side project and other hobby related work has been limited. Plus the very dark mornings and my insomnia means i'm cream crackered by the time i drag my arse home of an evening at the moment and seriously dont exspect it to improve till after xmas isout of the way.
I'll endevoure to post some actual pics of actual models i've been working on but be prepered as it will probably be the kitbashed star wars heavy gunship that has suddenly become my all consuming passion in the last couple of weeks but the call of 40k is growing strong again and i'm suddenly inspiered to paint up a Lamenters detachment which is a big thing for me as i dont usually do yellow unless its put through my airbrush on something of consideralbel size :)

Sunday is looking like it'sgoing to be my best day for uploading shots and may have some more ideas for the side project. 
PS also picked up Void Stalker and thats just mainlining traitor marines into my head so plans could take a massive u turn :)


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