Saturday, 29 August 2009

Space Hulk is back

Well it was rumored that the bigg secret GW has been workng away at was Space Hulk and it seems to be true. I fondly remember "and still own" the first edition of this great game and am well pleased that GW have seen fit to rerelease it. And to make matters worse i've gone and picked up the new White Dwarf for the Space Hulk pics. This is highly unusual as i've not perchased it in years and not played anything even remotely 40k-ish in a lot longer. With a birthday fast approching i think you may be seeing some genesteelers and terminators poping up here if i can lay hands on a copy of this new edition on Space hulk.
Something i realy enjoyed about the original game was the ease of setting up the board and quickly playing a couple of games and i'm hopeing that this time around i can play it with my eldest son and his sister.
Another thing that i remember from the original game was the additional rules that where published in White Dwarf for using reguler space marines in space hulk instead of the terminators. This time around i'm hopeing that someone can come up with rules for using Elysian drop troops and other IG units in boarding actions. There were also rules for using chaos terminators V's Imperial terminators in games of space hulk.
Heres a linky to teh Elysian drop troops from forge world
And heres the shiney new space hulk game
I will just mention that teh new game is limited (bastards) so if you fancy it get in quick as they wont last long and there is no chance of me getting it for free againg like last time in 1989, and no i didn't steal it. Thats a hole other story for another time lols.


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