Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ma.k in the USSR

Well i've had a week or so away from my bence which is a good and bad thing as i come back refreshed to finish of a build but a Baaaaaaad thing as i have a huge stak of new ideas that i would like to have a stab at. Losing momentum on a build is a right bugger and it's happend twice this last month or so and it makes it a right sod finishing of a project. That said i also have the problem of limited space and have to ether be set up for construction or painting, not both . This bears no relation to the titel of this post must be this uber shitty cold i've got at the moment lol.
I posted before about the little side build i have going on and thought i'd write some more about the idea. More as a referance for me than anything else really.
So the idea is to create a russian ma.k SAFS, now before you all start howling that there aint no russians in the ma.k universe ( It's staited that the USSR didn't suvive as a political entity in the future setting for the ma.k universe) my idea is for a group of industrialists decended from Russian colonists decide that the time is right to reclaim the mother country and start a new russian nation. To this end they have developed a line of fighting suits of the battle and have occupied a region of the former russian empire. If they can hold of both the SDR and the mercs for long enough they can begin to exspand on there claims and build there new nation on the home planet. I may work all that into a background stroy eventully if the gods would give me a bloody minuets peace and i suddenly learn how to use grammer properly ;)

Pics and mpre background ideas coming soooooooooon-ish


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