Friday, 11 September 2009

Whilst i'm thinking about it!

I'm going into town tommorow and plan on buying Space Hulk and was thinking about the 13th mission random mission generator download thing thats available of the web somewhere. Anyway i'm rambling as this aint the i was thinking about directly. Reading White Dwarfs covarage of the new game and what ya get in the box got me thinking about the very cool dead Blood Angel as an objective marker and i remember i've got space crusade on a shelf above my desk and there's a rather nice classic Dreadnourt / robot model in that game.Not as Bulky as the new dreadys and would be something that could turn up on a nice big derelict. So i'm going to paint this up as an objective fro a mission maybe call in "restart the war machine" or "wake the dreadnourt". This is just to remind me why it's sitting on my bence waiting to be tarted up :) and not used in a kitbash, I really hope i havn't used it in a kitbash. Ohh just remembered my mate eddi gave me a very early sanctiond psyker, again he would be good as a rescue piece.

Sorry about these Space Hulk musings but it's getting quite exciting, just hope i can get my hands on a copy soon-ish and the way is clear as the wife just spent £75 on Guitar hero 5 and world tour with free t shirt so no complaints about getting Space Hulk from that area lol.


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