Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Alternative Armour

I'm currently running a group build on SFM:UK called Alternative Armour and a buddy has pointed me at some great pics so i thought i'd shere them here also. First up is the impossible looking Submarine_Land Dreadnaught. Looks liek something a mad Chaos warlord would come up with. And next up we have what i can only assume way the inspiration behind Dan Abnetts Bloodpack Stummble Gun from (i think) the book Only in Death, a Gaunts Ghosts novel.

These would be considered in anyones book as alternative armour :) and hopefully we will get some outstanding builds from the forum members joining in with this. I will post my own feeble attempts here and as the guys finish there builds i'll post them here also but that will be closer to december (the finish date is last week of December btw) so i stand a resonable chance of finishing mine.
Cheers for now

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