Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Option 2

I've finaly scanned my sketches of option 2 for the Alternative armour group build challange.

This is going to be a light infantry support tank, a more heavily armed option to the Sentinal and more able to cross rough and broken terrain. I think a couple of Cadians riding it and some more using it's bulk as protection could look good as a dio.

The base of the tank will probably be the lower half of a shwimmwagon and the upper sections will be scratch built and i'm looking at Frence WW2 tanks like the Char B1 Bis and Renault tanks as inspriration for this.

No solid idea for a name yet i'm toying with Castellan to stay in line with naming convention for IG walkers all one of them lol.

Going to make a start as soon as i'm finised this and changed a nappy :)


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