Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More progress on Ma.k in the USSR

Some more progess pics of the Russian SAFS i'm working on.

His lid is on properly now and i've put on some of his armour plates. had intended to do more armour but will limit it as i dont wont to go overboard with them.
The two rings behind his knees will have power cable entering them and going back in just under the butt plate :)

Some more plates for the front but these will be flat overlapping plates. I will try to add texture to them as if they have been cast like the T34's.
I took some great pics of the T34 at Duxford on Sunday plus lots of detail shots of tanks and planes that i'm sure will come in handy. I will try to post the best shots on here in the near future.

Next job is his power plant on the back, i've found some intresting tanks from a chopper kit and will try to use one as a side fule tank again echoing the design styles you see on the T34.
More on this soon as it's my pick up build when i'm waiting for bit on the Castellan to go off.
Any comments here or on SFM or the yahoo scratch builders list very welcome, i'm still a bit undecided about the feet on this. Size wise they work given the very heavy look of the upper torso but should i try to make them look more rounded as if they have been cast?


  1. Wow. I'm going to have to go back and read how you did this sir, 'tis ridiculous(ly good)!

    Makes me itch to get back to doing my tanks...

  2. Thanks Itkovian
    It's ping pong balls and the base model was a steal at £3.50 (i got 3 of em) and lots of the left over stuff from the sprues are going on my Castellan build.