Saturday, 12 September 2009

New Banner at last

Well contacted a mate and asked to use a pic of his model for my banner and here it is, thanks Phil it looks pretty decent and lots better than the old type only job i did in a hurry when i started this blog back in May.
I will get around to building my own version of Seth one day and think i've found a nice pieced of art work him to base my build on. But that's a long way off at the moment with lots of other builds to do first like Mongol from ABC Warriors and the Corsarius.



  1. Thanks, its to get me motivated to build my own Blitzspear one day lol

  2. I've toyed with doing a CG one a few times !!

  3. Do you mean a CG Blitzspear or a CG banner for your blog. I think your banner is great so dont go changing that but a CG blitzspear would be very cool and not to hard i'd think. if you need any refs give me a shout i've got LOTS of blitz picks lol