Friday, 11 September 2009

Alternative Armour

Well lots of members are having a bash at this challange and some pretty impresive ideas and concepts have been posted.
Meanwhile i've got no bloody idea what i'm going to do lol. Above are a couple of sketches i did last year "i think" of something i spotted on the web. This is option one for my entry for the group build. and some sketches of option two will be along shortly.
This will "if it wins out" be in 1/20 scale and probably wont look anything like this initial sketch as i will have to work some found objects to get the shape of the main body. I'm calling it the APE suit or urban pasification unit a police unit deployed to the roughest districts and slums to quell riots and restore order using minimal officers and resorces. It will carry stun and puke gas plus an electrified grid will stop rioters from overpowering the suit. It's main purpose would be for spearheading police assults units and ripping barracades apart and generally intimidating the unwashed masses.
Option 2 will be along when i've managed to sketch some thing i'm happy with "may be a long wait lol.


  1. Thankyou, i'm going to get round to redoing this sketch as the arms need to be thicker and a bit longer plus the rear legs just dont work.