Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ma.K in the USSR 2

Well it started of life as a Votom and at just shy of £4 quid each i bought 3 of the m on my recent trip to London. There the same size as the AFS, maybe a bit taller but i wouldn't know as the original head never made it of the sprue :)
I've made a new top hatch from yep you guessed it a ping pong ball and lots of extra armour on the body also from ping pongs. Poo colored Aves for the nee joints after much umming and arring over the lower bodys pose. I considered scratching up some new feet but as these are twice the size of an AFS's feet but decided that being a Russian suit a certain clunkyness could be expected.

Then there is the arms, I've scratched them up from Cheepo fishing floats a bit from the tamy pit crew and the original hand that came with the kit.

One more shot from the front. I will try to grab some pics tonight of all the armour plate on him and i've done lots more to the top hatch.
It's my sons 9th birthday today so this may not happen as planned and as a side note he was born at 9 mins to 9 on the 9th of the 9th and this year he is 9 and it's 9 years since he was born.
And we got him an electric guitar oh dear gods save me :)

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