Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ideas for ma.k figuers

Just a quicky about Ma.k figuers as the subject has come up again on a forum and remembered i did these quick doodles for uniform ideas when i was in full sculpt mode. Officer and Grunt ideas, very airborn looking as i see them as modile troops rather than large formations so nothing bigger than battalion size units. With flyers being a populer choise in the Ma.k universe, air mobile troops for the Mercs would make sence.
A radio op would cool looking giving hand signals to a Falke pilot. This idea comes from the detail that Kow Yokoyama sees the Falke as an ambush raider deployed from hidden makeshift forward bases a bit like the harrier jump jet was intended for if the cold war ever got hot.

Some one to fix the bloody things lol Every high tech fliyer needs a greese monkey tho Hasagawa have put out a very nice box of 4 mechanics for the Falke now.

More Grunts again looking like airborne with short weopons and close fitting helmets.
I may sit down and refine these rough sketches and some others that are floating about now that the ideas for my group are down on paper (see below)

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