Saturday, 3 October 2009

Space Wolfs do Space Hulk pt1

In the dim and distant past (February 93) when White Dwarfe cost £1.95 they ran this Space Hulk mission for players of Space Wolves.
Well seeing as they have updated the old wolves and new models are out or about to come out i thought i'd scan some pages so the lucky few that got hold of the new Space Hulk could try out using Space Wolf terminators. You may have to tweek the rules a bit as this was for the original game but i'm told the new rules are close to the old ones. Still 3 more pages to come soon-ish and i've some more old Dwarfe articals to scan before its back into theh loft they go for another 10 years lol. Next is Tank pics from Duxford that i've been meaning to post for weeks but a real shitty cold has stopped me.

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