Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Alternative Armour

Starting err well now I'm going to be posting up the progress of the builders in the Alternative Armour group build challenge type thingy which I'm running on SFM:UK. First up is Alun's build a Taco 34 from Junk Tank Rock (google it now). Now being pressed for time (DIY) he has opted for a strait build up of the Taco with a few mods if time allows. Here is his latest post over on his blog http://alunowen.org/?p=773 and a search will reveal the first and second updates he posted. The Taco was one of the inspirations behind this group build and it's great that someone has done one for the group build.

Next up will be (sticks thumb in ear and thinks randomly) Noddys "huge" Bunker Buster build mostly made from junk including an old hoover.


Just a little aside about SFM:UK if you haven't come across us before we are a dispirit group of scif fi and fantasy (and Horror don't ferget Horror) model builders from all over the UK building well sci fi models and stuff. It's a broad church with folks building SS Y wings to Dark Angels Deathwing commissions and we have a shiny new site to boot :)

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