Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fun with Sculpy pt1

An idea has come up at SFM to do a kit of some kind and it has been suggested we try doing a bio mechanical cyborg figure or bust and as I've never attempted a bust before i thought I'd have a bash at one. The metal armature took about 45 mins to do and the basic shape another 45 mins. The armature is just copper wire twisted together and then covered in tin foil to bulk it out and stop sculpy disappearing into the cavities of the wire.
I then layered on thin sheets of grey super sculpy to get a basic body and head shape. The grey was something i mixed a while back for another project that was left over. I make grey from mixing white and black sculpy with a larger lump of the super sculpy. Grey is easier to work with for me as i can see more details in contrast, the pinkish super sculpy plays havoc with my eyes so tinting it a darker shade helps me allot.

The green is again sculpy as i 'd ran out of mixed grey. The piece covering his arm is the start of some armour and will also act as a base for some cybernetics on the right side of his face. I'm trying to not have it look like a Borg or just some random wires entering his head. I'm going to make his right side face completely cybernetic and am toying with the idea of adding a cybernetic arm also but will probably try that on Mk2, this is just a test piece done in Richy scale as I've no idea of standard scales for these busts.

I will probably refine the face some more before cooking it and then add the second layer of detail to the body, thinking leather jacket as they don't tend to create as meny folds as cloth and are more pronounced. Then I'll probable switch to Aves and green stuff for the cybernetics as these will be random bits from the stash and most are plastic so no more cooking possible.
Any and all comments and suggestions welcome as always.

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