Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fun with Sculpy part 2

Here's my progress so far with this chap. He still needs some cyborgy stuff attaching to his head and i may be changing the back of his head some. I'm not to sure of the plate on the back of the skull, it extends back a bit too much.
The cybernetic eye is lower in the socket you may notice, this may look wrong but when you lose the whole eye socket the remaining hole is lower. I know this as my neighbor at Uni had lost his right eye and was blind in the left eye and he didn't were dark glasses to save others of a more delicate nature from seeing his ruined eye.

What do you think of the scar tissue around his back skull plate ? it's less defined in the later pics above but still noticeable.

His lips need redoing as they have been battered whist working on the rest of his head and body.
Any comments welcome folks

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