Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fun with Sculpy Pt 3 Now with added Aves

As you can see he's now got an arm! sort of and a gun is in the works. I've started with some tube as a base for the Aves and plastic parts I'm adding to build up the arm. Just a profile pic i thought looked good :)
I've removed the ball bearing from the back of his head, just didn't look right.

The start of the greeblys going on the upper arm. The pipe is from a 1/35 tiger that Tak sent me in a box of bits a looooong while back.

1/72 tank parts on the side of his head to give it some more interest. Too much or could i add more??????? I'm thinking of adding some veeeeeeeeeery thin plasicard to the raised areas also.

Aves (blessed be the Aves) being sculpted on as fibermuscel bundles. Not that evident in this pic. All the spring tubing in this shot i made myself.

The start of the hand. This is leeci wire sandwiched between 2 pieces of plasticard with added Aves. The wire will be folded round a gun grip and then sculpted over with more Aves or possibly greenstuff i will have to see how the mood takes me ;) The rest of the gun will be made separately and attached later.

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