Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Going backwards to go forwards.

Here's the latest pics from the bench and as you can see I've had to do thumb surgery to correct his hand. The gun didn't sit right in his hand as his thumb was to high and in an unnatural position. You can see what i mean from the 3rd pic and 2nd and 4th pic show my frankensurgery on his hand to correct this.
The last 2 pics are just updates on the tweaks Ive done to his face and the lower arm which is actully finishhed now but I've not taken pics yet.
It's looking like this might get cast up so it will only get to the primer stage for now and also i need to start thinking about a base and some decals. That's were you come in, i need some ideas and suggestions about the base and some art work to go on the back of his jacket.
I am torn between a plain base/plinth type thing or going super greebly on it and making it look like a power generator. What's you guys think?
Also maybe some artwork for the back of his jacket could be cool but any ideas that would fit in with this guy being a cyborg bounty hunter.
That's all for now but more updates soon.

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  1. This looks cool. Looking forward to seeing more.