Sunday, 20 December 2009

Adding detail to jazz up the basic 5 man Cadian kit

I picked up the 5 man Cadian kit when i got the 10 man squad just to see if they would be any good for bulking out the platoons. Answer is yes but a bit of Aves never hurt anybody ;)
I've extended there jackets and added some random kit pouches. One gets a camo cape and another (not pictured) has a Parker style coat. Why? well in the older fluff for the guard it's mentioned that Guard units where responsible for replacing the regiments fatigues when the original issue were worn out. With that in mind i thought some variation would be cool looking.
These guys are not going to be Cadians (no offence to Cadia) but I'm going to replace the heads and maybe extend the laz rifle barrels as these guys will be from the Stalichian sixth rifle brigade. More pics soon as I've done a bit more to them, added back packs to 2 of them and a smaller duffel bag to a 3rd, must stop mixing up to much putty.
Hope you like


  1. I really must learn to sculpt,

  2. Me too lol I've tried sculpting full figures but they come out looking like underhive muties :)