Sunday, 3 January 2010

Seem to have lost 2 weeks somewhere.

Well this is what i managed to do before the holidays hit and i became a functioning mute whilst reading the Ravenor Omnibus by Dan Abnett and what a book, i wont go into a lengthy review as i'm most likely the last person on the planet to read it.
Getting back to the pics you can see i've chopped up his arm and resculpted a new socket. This i hope will give the finished figure a better look and no filling involved. Gotta crack on as i wont to have this done b4 Crewe so i can hand it over to Alun to see if it's a go on casting it up.
Which raises the point that i've basically nothing to take with me to Crewe as in finished models cept my Alt Armour build if thats finished. I better get cracking on some builds in the next few weeks or i'll be in big trouble.

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