Sunday, 17 January 2010

On a roll

Hi all,

Well have got stuck back into the Alt Armour group build this last week and managed to get all 4 legs compleat-ish and some details on the main hull. Also i've finally decided to go with a Junk Tank Rock feel to this build, was toying with Imperial Guard but the scale was not good. So have pulled out some old Tamiya Germans and WWII kit to hang of the hull. Just the recoiless gun to finish and she's ready to paint. Ill still have a bit of work to do when paints on as the legs need canvas covers sculpting where they join the hull. Time is against me "isnt it always" so details on some parts will be less than i'd have liked but an excellent learning exspiriance and i'll hopefully make a leg that i can cast up to use on future builds as i'm liking how these turned out.

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