Friday, 29 January 2010

Random flame trooper conversion

Hi all
This is a Random Figure i got in a large karma bomb from a mate recently and decided to see if it was possible to convert him into my guard force as a flame trooper. Inspiration came from Brostin of Gaunts Ghosts fame as he is big and loves the smell of prom in the morning lol.
I've managed to swap his laz gun for a flamer and removed the spikey bits from his armour, then started sculpting in a shirt and body armour know( I know it looks like a bib) but that still needs work and may change. I had to do some major surgery to his moobs as you can see in this last pic that shows the original model they were err very prominent and would have created problems sculpting the body armour over them. Also cut down the Mohawk hair do to a more military height.
I will try to get him finished off whilst i paint up the Castellan in the coming week. Pics of the castellan in paint to follow tomorrow.


  1. hey, i remember you from the babel clash blog!

    my husband and i are sitting here looking through all your photos of your stuff, and its most impressive! you've definitely got some talent.

  2. Thanks, glad you and your other half like em, it's appreciated.