Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tanks Tanks Tanks

It's the Tiger tank from saving private ryan ohhhh on the awesome scale i think this scores a 10.5 Look at the size of those rivets!!! if they were on a model you'd get people saying oh there out of scale they are.
Compered to the Tiger the Sherman was a tiny tin can an a bit ugly looking too.

That is not what i was led to believe zimmerit looked like, this looks like its been applied with a waffle toaster mold not put on in wavy lines like on most models ya see and its badly scared and chipped. This could be from age or just general wear and tear in the field, dunno but looks cool.

More pics of Tanks shortly then it's onto big F*&k Off American planes yum!!!!!!


  1. Those rivet are huge. Excellent pics mate.

  2. Thanks! i was going to suggest they were out of scale for the turret to the rather pretty museum guide lady but after the Hever Castle incident i didn't wont to risk it ;)