Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Finally some shots of the Castellan assault walker. This is the main body seen from above and from behind. The top hatch is from the Votom I'm using for my ma.k build and the drivers vision block is the cap from a fire retardant foam can (comes out pink and doesn't expand very much so good for filling cavities in models, you can even push it into shapes after 20 mins or so as the skin forms and it will stay like it)
The lower hull is the bottom of a Shwimmwagon (pics of the real thing coming soon) and the rear top plate is from a 1/72 Char B1 bis french tank.

There will be a Heavy bolter opposite the driver and an auto cannon or laser beside the commanders cupola. I'm hoping to use the hatch lid that comes with the Tank acc sprue from GW and the commander also plus some other bits to make it more imperial guard looking.
Next is the legs and i have to try to get a system together for making up all the parts for all 4 before sticking them together. The tops of the legs wont overstep the cupola giving it a low profile and i will try to scratch up some sort of leg shields to increase its forward protection

I know it's a bit early for comments and suggestions but there always welcome, I like the fact that people suggest painting ideas way before I've even given it a thought and fresh eyes on a project is always helpful hence the blog lol.

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