Friday, 16 October 2009

Best dust of the ol Space Marines

Last Saturday i ventured in to my local games Workshop store with my eldest son in tow (Ninja Scientist) just for some Cadians for a dio I'm doing and well to cut a long story short got collared by the manager and ended up with the little ninja painting a space marine and getting ready to play his first game of 40K. Unfortunately we had to go before the game but Vinny said to come back next Saturday for a demo game if we had time. So all week it's been "are we still going to games workshop?" so I've agreed to take him and see if he can get a demo game of 40K. I've warned them about his err problems with loosing (everyone is banned from playing games with him even snap) but the guy felt confident that 40K would be a great game to learn him about chance and startagy. I bloody well hope so as i don't think the homicidal tendencies will go down well. If he can get through the game with out shouting "whaaaaat" at the top of his voice i may get him the boxed game and let him loose on the green skins ( i get the marines ;)

I shall report on any screams of indignation or blatant attempts to alter the rules mid game or if anyone drops dead from the evil eye. Hopefully he wont eat his opponents models in rage and we can leave peacefully at the end, fingers crossed.



  1. I picked up the box set for 40k recently for hubby to get back into and me to start. I have to sit down and build my Orcs.

  2. I'm not sure how it happened but we returned with the boxed game instead of a Cadian shock troopers squad that i went in for, still confused as to how that happend :)