Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Quick post b4 bath time

Power cables are on sorry for the crappy pic will get some better shots soon.
Back pack in its early form, the outer sides are a tank of an old labrador helicopter extended and packed out.

Filled over the top section and greeblies applied to the back.

Tanks put on the bottom, these will eventually have tubes running into the power pack.

And a better shot of it. All that's left is to stick it on and finish off the armour plates and it's painting time. Next up will be shots of the castellan walkers body, that's almost done too yay me.
Then its the legs and the crunchys to go on the dio (looking forward to them) I'm going to get a Cadian squad and the tank accessory sprue. Now this will mean a visit to GW and if any of you guys are on Facebook with me you may know my utter horror and uber annoyance with them but willing to rick another visit. They wont get any info out of me this time just a demand of nessesery products to finish an unspecified project. I do hope they ask "what brings you here today sir" again I'm ready with my witty reply this time.


  1. It's coming together mate, looking forward to following this project develop.

  2. Thanks, i was just saying (on SFM) that this build is coming along at a decent pace and all the greeblies are falling into place, just them arms to sort out now.