Monday, 7 March 2011

Heres the pics from the Crewe Model show last Sunday above is the first test build in Europe of the Mk VII Viper from Mobius. A lot of interest was generated by this model on our stand. Thanks to Frank from Mobius for letting Ian (jargonking) build this gorgeous star fighter for our display.
And here's the big lady herself Excalibur built by Alun our illustriouse leader for the show.

And this is what it was all for, getting 11 modellers from all over the UK and one from the US (hi Jay) to build a Viper MkII and it's hanger bay and bring it all together for a mega display.

You can find the build threads for this project on the SFM:uk forum for more detailed shots of the individual Vipers coming together.

Best shot ever :)

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