Thursday, 10 March 2011

Time for a change

Random pic to kick things off, just some alli and plastic tube and a bit o wire underneath to exstend the tallerns gun. Always thought they should have had longer lasguns as standard but thats just my opinion so had a crack at it, seems to have worked ok. On to other news:

Ye olde blog is having a face lift which will hopefully be better than Colonel Gaddaffis melty face.

So if things look a bit random or totally wrong please leave a comment, i've had this blog about 2 years now and only just found the stats page. It's got a graph thingy and everything. But it does go to show how much i've NOT played around with the blog tools.

I'll attempt to keep updates coming of my current projects whilst i fiddel with things but as i've no plan of action concerning the redisign it could go any which way.

As i'm on an IG and Marines kick at the moment i may go all 40k with the blog but i do still love my old Blitzspear model header by my friend Phil.
More at the weekend unless real life TM sticks it's nose in and disrupts my plans.

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