Friday, 27 May 2011


Hammerstine the erstwhile leader of the ABC warriors and former war robot. This is a vinal kit gifted to me by a fellow modeller last year after i lammented about the cost of these suckers on evil bay. It had some warping and bubbels but this was easily fixed and i've left a lot of the clutter off him as i think he's busy enough.  He's had a major conversion in his stance but still not one hunderd percent happy with how he stands but vinly is a bit tough to alter, lots of araldite rapid in this guy lol :) Also added the helmet that Hammerstine wore in most of the early strips and to get away from the movie version (which he is). You may also have noticed his massive warhammer replacing his right hand. The hands were equiped with roket pods over his knuckels (a bit kak looking if you ask me) so he's gained a warhammer and a bfg pics of that soon.

Now here's the BIG question what coloure would you guys suggest? he's been lots of coloures in his time the one that sticks in my mind is a yellow-ish paint job by ( i think) Biz but still need feed back please. He will be distressed looking so a good coloure and a good undercote coloure, i'll be attempting the hairspray method of weathering ala Futch.

One final thing is a thanks to those posting comments Mordian 7th , Cyborg Trucker et al . Blogger is not letting me comment on my own blog at the moment (eh!) so just to say a big thanks and it's appeciated.

Just hope i can get him finished before my next post phycotic manic depressive episode hits or i get bored and distracted by new shiney stuff :o



  1. I use to only ever read 2000AD that is so awesome man!

  2. Where could i buy this ive been looking for years for ABC Warriors stuff like this and i hate Ebay too

  3. Thanks Warflake and me too, 2000ad was the only comic worth reading. Jay this came my way via a modelling buddy gratis as he didn't have time to build it and new i was a big fan of teh Meknificent 7. I've built Joe Pinapples already and after the big H it's a scratch of Mongol. There are still kits of H out there but most r recasts and of varying quality. Keep looking and one will come your way i'm sure. Another buddy of mine picked up an original one at the nec toy fair for a tenner (git)