Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back on line yay

Well it's been a while folks but normal service will resume shortly.

So what's been happaning since life so cruelly took the power of the interwebs away from me.
Hammerstine is a grunji red now (pics soon if i can find them on the pc) and 2 visits to gaming events.
Thed first was the MK show held at the center MK, meny wonderful and random bargains were had there (pics soon) and the other event was the Basements Figuerworld show at Oundel school last week.
This was fantastic as i got to talk to Mike McVey of Studio McVey and GW's Evey metal fame. (pics soon)

I've also been badly distracted by A Dance with Dragons, all i can say is wow and it better not be as long a wait between this one and the next as it was from A feast for Crows. And still no end in site, trying to second guess GRR Martin is like knocking your head against a brick wall, all you gets a headache.


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