Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Head reworks

Being limited for potential bodys to convert i started looking at other parts to convert whilst waiting for body doners, spotted some old heads and started chopping away.

After some major removal and standing i ended up with a nice looking face and thought maybe he would make a good inquisitor for the ordo hereticus in the style of that limited edition one that goes for silly money on ebay.

Still more to do on him but should get him done by the weekend.



  1. Respect for converting figures, its always nice to see someone create his own figure like this.
    Good luck on your tiny job!

    Greetings Remco

  2. Nice work on that head , how are the cables made green stuff?

  3. Yep two window packers and a couple of rules taped down to some plastic, works really well once you get the knack.
    And thanks for the "Nice work" only recently found your blog but amazed by your conversions.