Tuesday, 15 May 2012

To chop or not to chop

Below is a 1995 vintage  GW priest mini. Now do i chop his left arm, feet and head off or stick him on ebay and use the profit to buy more random legs arms and torsos for converting purposes. Plus I've an ancient nid that im meaning to ebay plus some other randoms from the stash when i dig them out lol.

I've an idea to use him as an inquisitor if i make new feet for him a nice big gun and a more suitable head or just flogging him. What say you all?



  1. You mustn't chop him. He's vintage. Sell him on eBay and buy some of the new plastic empire bits instead.

  2. Seconded, don't chop him...

    Although you could make a sneaky resin cast of him before he goes to bay :)

  3. Sell, he's not all that good a sculpt anyway.

  4. Thanks for the advice I'll stick him on ebay and see what i can get for conversions.
    He's not that bad a sculpt just poor pics lol.