Sunday, 1 July 2012

Smallspace show pics 2

More pics from the show, when i figure out how to down load from my phone ill post some more.

My fave bit of hard wear from the show
star bug looked awsome
is this Ace Rimmers ship?
some of Dean's work aka Neo-uk, this was huge
Dean's again.
I wont this model but no hope finding one apparently purchased from Comet years ago with parts missing but so nice.  
This Mk7 was on the MK modelers display  love the base with  launch tube exit frame.


  1. Id love to look at these more, but they are hurting my neck...

  2. There you go all sorted out, sorry about the wonky pics.

  3. Love the pics! Looks like it was a really fun show - the Starbug is great!

  4. Great bunch of pics .. starbug and kurt are cool!

  5. It was a fab day well hour and a half lol, that kurt bust was really good much better then the pic suggests.