Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What's been keeping me away from the hobby cupboard

Pics of my latest project, a bit bigger than 28mm heroic scale. Before you get excited its not my new lab its the wifes new mixed martial arts and crafts studio. I don't think I'll get a look in when its finished. But seeing as we are putting leccy on in there i may as well run it down to the garage. Also purchased some lovely red paint 5L of it so i can paint the need lab red and white checks. Should look lovely and visible from the air so i can ask the lancaster and spires and hurricane from the BOB memorial flyte to aim a bit to the left when heading over whittelsey so i can get some decent pics ;-)

Work is in progress and when life permits a few moments ill get some posts up. Got an interesting side project im planning that ill reveal in a few days the get me in the mood for 6th editions starter set and stop me buying the rule book before it comes out and blowing my starter set money on that lol.

More updates soon.


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