Saturday, 9 February 2013

quick update and info dump

Hiya internet chums

Sorry for the total lack of content since last year been a bit of a shite start to the new year but everythung seems to be getting back to normal now.
The bits arrived from Dia safe and sound for the continuation of the Retro Futuristic Spaze Mahrine (TM) project thanks Dia it's much appreciated, I'll be starting back on them after the Crewe model show is out of the way.

 Here's the next victim for the RFSMP MUHAHAHAHAHA
 This is whats been occupying my time, painting this clapped out old Y wing for the Crewe model show hanger build. 

 Also this kitbash is hopefully going to attend Crewe just some tarting up and paint to go on.

This may be my next project as i need to get my scratch building skills up a level before attempting a build i've been planning for 8 years now and not had the bottle to start. Lets just say it needs to be about 6' long to   do it justice.

Hope everyone had a nice start to the new year, (well better than mine lol) and all that other stuff. Taking as a sign the Chinese new year being of the snake i plan on getting a start on my ghost Vipers Spaze Mahrine (TM) chapter when my calender frees up also just remembered that :)



  1. Loving that Y-wing! Awesome work, man!

  2. More than welcome sir. :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    kitbashes and Y-Wing pretty cool looking!

  3. thanks that clapped out look is becoming a mainstay of mine. just wait till i start on my 2 rhinos and dreadnort ;-) thanks again Dia.