Monday, 11 March 2013

some progress

Just a quick post and a couple of pics of my progress on the retro revamp project. My ideas for these guys a coalescing nicely as i work my way through them.
 I've done more since this pic another good session will see them done.
 The head is a standard half augmetic head i sanded some details off and resculpted on to get the essence of the original.
 Another new hair doo on this guy, not quite what i wonted but will have to go with the outcome as getting picky won't get this project finished any time soon.
 Here are the next for i'm planning to do probably far left and far right first then the middle two as my final members.

More and better pics in the next post and i'd just like to say a big thanks to Dia for sending a care package of bits for me to use, they were most greatfully recived and already used on these two.



  1. Awesome stuff man! I'm totally loving this series of "new models, old poses" you've been doing. Excellent work!

  2. Wooo! Good to see those bits going to good use!